Scott Clay
Three More Luminous Arc Infinity Character Trailers
Still missing one more though.
06.08.15 - 2:59 PM

In the past few weeks, Marvelous has been pumping out introduction trailers for the 12 heroines of their new PS Vita strategy RPG, Luminous Arc Infinity. This week we get introductions for Alto, Sopra, and C-9. Alto is a productive and serious person that will go though trial and error over and over again to make sure everything is right. Sopra is spontaneous, athletic, and a genius. She also very innocence and sweet to those she likes. And lastly C-9 sounds like the name of a robot, and that because she is! C-9 is a humanoid android in search of her mother who lacks the ability to feel shame. You can check all 3 trailers down below and if you missed the last 8 trailers you can watch them here and here.

That covers 11 of the 12 heroines so far, so that means there is one left to go. Luminous Arc Infinity is due out in Japan for the PlayStation Vita on August 6th. No Western release has been announced as of yet.