Scott Clay
Tokyo Xanadu Character and Battle Update
Greed is still a good thing in my book.
06.05.15 - 11:50 AM

Falcom recently released new information on the battle system and characters for its upcoming PlayStation Vita RPG, Tokyo Xanadu. The 6th playable character, Shio Takahata, is an 18 years-old delinquent with a one tract mind. He was previously the leader of a delinquent group "BLAZE", but thanks to some sort of incident in the past year he stepped down as the group's leader. Rumors have been surfacing however that someone is representing themselves as BLAZE causing various incidents to occur. Not happy with turn of events, Shio plans to take action.

Tokyo Xanadu Shio Takahate

Shio is a large man, so it's only natural that his Soul Device is a large great sword. His basic attack is slow but very powerful with a long reach allowing him to hit multiple enemies in one swing. His skills are as followed:

  • Shooting Skill: Flare Slash A large slash that creates a shockwave out in front of it.

  • Flight Skill: Blast Edge Shio swings his Soul Device downward then follows it into a high-speed forward thrust.

  • Strength Skill: Ignis Break Swinging his sword from the ground to the sky, Shio does a large amount of damage especially to those weak against fire

  • Cross Drive: Crimson Raid Ship unleashes a series of consecutive slashes, then leaps into the sky before driving back down on all the enemies on the ground

Speaking of enemies what exactly will you be fighting in Tokyo Xanadu? Well the character will be traveling between the real world and the "Other World" at mysterious dungeons called Xanadu. In these Xanadu, you will be fighting monsters called "Greed". Each Greed when locked on by your character have a special symbol that designates what its elemental weakness is. Each main character has their own specific elemental strength, and by switching to a character that has the correct element you will do more damage and take less. Kou's element is Fire, Sore's is Wind, Yuuki's is Steel, Asuka has Spirit, and Mitsuki has Shadow. Switching out character to take adavatge of the elements is the key to success in Tokyo Xanadu.

Tokyo Xanadu Element Chart

If that wasn't enough, Falcom already announced a first-print box for the game that will include a soundtrack, full color art book, and rubber straps for your smartphone or Vita.

Tokyo Xanadu Box Art

Tokyo Xanadu is due out for PlayStation Vita in Japan on September 30th. A western release has yet to be announced.