Jesse Woo
Meet Both Versions of the Cast of Fire Emblem If
Which kingdom will you choose?
06.04.15 - 7:16 PM

The official Japanese Website for Fire Emblem If has new info and media for a large portion of the major cast in both versions of the game, Black Kingdom and White Kingdom. The newest Fire Emblem is getting several new features that distinguish it from its predecessors, but perhaps the most talked-about is the way the story will be split into two versions, with a third coming sometime after the game's release. The choice of version will determine the composition of the player's army, although there will be a few characters common to both stories.

Characters in Both Versions

Protagonist: Dark Prince (Male) Dark Princess (Female)

Fire Emblem If protagonist

Although the protagonist was born a member of the White Kingdom's royal family, he or she was kidnapped and raised by the Black (a.k.a. Nohr) Kingdom's royal family at such a young age that it is all the protagonist knows.

Aqua: Songstress

Fire Emblem If Aqua

Antithetically to the protagonist, Aqua was kidnapped at a young age from the Black Kingdom and taken to to be raised in the White Kingdom. Upon meeting the protagonist however she decides to stay with him or her regardless of which side the protagonist chooses. Her songs are said to have special powers to aid in battle.

Gunther: Great Knight

Fire Emblem If Gunther

The Jagen character of Fire Emblem If, Gunther is a career military man who has served in the Black Kingdom's military for years. He offers sage advice to the protagonist, and though he is often stern he also isn't afraid to show warmth.

Felicia: Maid

Fire Emblem If Felicia

The protagonist's personal maid who has waited on him or her since the protagonist came to the Black Kingdom as a child. She works hard but is prone to mistakes.

Joker: Butler

Fire Emblem If Joker

The protagonist's personal butler. He is insightful and efficient, but often cold to everyone but the protagonist.

Suzukaze: Ninja

Fire Emblem If Suzukaze

Suzukaze is from a family of ninjas serving the White Kingdom, but he does not answer to any lord in particular. Rather, he conducts missions for the imperial castle in his polite, but serious way.

Silas: Cavalier

Fire Emblem If Gunther

Silas is the protagonist's childhood friend and an apprentice knight in the Black Kingdom. He is good-natured, but slow to trust new people. Once he warms up to someone though he will lay down his life to protect his friends.

Black Kingdom Characters

Marx: Paladin

Fire Emblem If Marx

Marx is the eldest son of the Black Kingdom royal family with a quiet and honest character. He dutifully follows his father's orders, believing them to be in the best interest of the Black Kingdom.

Leon: Dark Knight

Fire Emblem If Leon

Marx's younger brother and a skilled magic user. He is highly respected for his skills and is trusted to carry out any task in an efficient manner.

Camilla: Revenant Knight

Fire Emblem If Camilla

Camilla is the eldest sister of the Black Kingdom royal family and cares deeply about her family, including the protagonist; so much so that she will kill anyone for their sake.

Elise: Rod Knight

Fire Emblem If Elise

The youngest Black Kingdom royal, she is an innocent who treats the protagonist like family even though they are not related by blood.


Fire Emblem If Garon

The sitting king of the Black Kingdom and father-figure to the protagonist. Garon is a suspicious man whose ambition drives him to invade the White Kingdom.

Nyx: Black Mage

Fire Emblem If Nyx

Wise beyond her years, Nyx is a talented conjurer living in the Black Kingdom who shuns other people and prefers to live a quiet life as a fortune teller.

Charlotte: Axe Fighter

Fire Emblem If Charlotte

A Black Kingdom border guard who puts on a demure act to entice men, as her ultimate aim is to land a rich husband. In reality she can be quite a bit less graceful and excels in hand-to-hand combat.

Benoit: Armor Knight

Fire Emblem If Benoit

Another border guard, Benoit's imposing looks and stature belie his kind heart and care for his allies. He takes a homemade charm with him whenever he goes into battle.

White Kingdom Characters

Ryoma: Master Swordsman

Fire Emblem If Ryoma

The eldest son of the White Kingdom royal family and the protagonist's brother. He is said to be very reliable and possesses a "samurai's spirit."

Takumi: Archer

Fire Emblem If Takumi

Ryoma's younger brother who trains very hard so that others will acknowledge his strength. He tends to be suspicious of others.

Hinoka: Pegasus Knight

Fire Emblem If Hinoka

The eldest daughter of the White Kingdom royals, Hinoka has a straight-forward personality of a soldier. She has been training for combat ever since the protagonist was taken from the White Kingdom.

Sakura: Shrine Maiden

Fire Emblem If Sakura

The youngest White Kingdom family member. Sakura is a shrinking violet who uses formal language even with her family.


Fire Emblem If Mikoto

The pacifist queen of the White Kingdom and the protagonist's mother. She assumed the throne after her husband, Sumeragi, died unexpectedly.

Tsukuyomi: Hexer

Fire Emblem If Tsukuyomi

Tsukuyomi is a very talented young Hexer from the Wind Tribe. However, his talent may have gone to his head as he can be quite insufferable as a result. Still, he can't escape the fact that he is a child, as demonstrated by his fear of the dark.

Rinka: Ogre Person (tentative job title)

Fire Emblem If Rinka

A member of the independent Fire Tribe who aids the White Kingdom on orders from her father the chief. She remains distant however as her tribe does not generally cooperate with outsiders.

Orochi: Hexer

Fire Emblem If Orochi

The powerful hexer for the imperial palace. Her playful personality contrasts with her old-fashioned speech mannerisms.

Fire Emblem If comes out June 25th on the 3DS in Japan and sometime in 2016 in the West.