Mike Salbato
New Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Artwork Shows Off Cast
The humans, dragons, beast tribes, and... other folks we'll be meeting in the expansion.
06.02.15 - 1:06 AM

Final Fantasy XIV gets its first expansion later this month with Heavensward. This massive expansion promises as much content as the initial launch of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, starting with 50+ hours of main story content (to say nothing of all the other content). We have a host of new artwork tonight that highlights many of the characters you'll meet.

If you've been following the game's story, you'll know a few characters are sticking around in prominent positions: In particular, Lady Iceheart and Ishgard's Aymeric, seen here (can I have that sword plz).

Lady Iceheart Aymeric

Also coming in Heavensward are two new beast tribes, the Vanu Vanu and the Gnath:

New Beast Tribes New Beast Tribes

Of course, with new beast tribes comes new primals, namely Bismarck, previously only seen in a handful of Final Fantasy titles, and the all-new primal, Ravana:

Bismarck Ravana

There's a few more in the gallery itself, but we'll wrap up this post with the two key pieces of artwork from tonight. The first depicts the legendary dragon Nidhogg in all his feathery glory, with the other... well, I'm not sure. It may be showing us some legendary knights/dragoons of Ishgard, but in any case, it's certainly worth a look:

Nidhogg Ishgardian Knights

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is coming to PC, Mac, PS3, and PS4 on June 23rd, with early access (for those who pre-order) beginning on June 19th.