David Brown
More Free Songs For Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Keeps your Juke Box Spinning
How did Square Enix become my favorite DJ?
06.01.15 - 7:52 PM

Since its release a few months ago, Theatrhythm Dragon Quest has been involved in something that goes against everything the current video game industry holds dear. Something that makes the heads of most big studios feel nauseous. Something so scandalous, barely mentioning it can make the modern video game economy crumble. That's right, friends, I'm talking about free DLC. And now, Square Enix is unleashing a third round of free songs for the Japanese Nintendo eshop. Watch the video below to check out the songs.

Here's a list of the new songs:

  • "Unknown World" FMS from Dragon Quest I

  • "Fight" BMS from Dragon Quest I

  • "Hero's Challenge" BMS from Dragon Quest III

  • "Adventure" FMS from Dragon Quest III

Keep spinning those tracks, Square Enix.