Jesse Woo
Dragon Quest Heroes Will Get a Gradual Roll Out of Additional Content
And it's freeeeeeeee!
02.27.15 - 1:20 AM

Fresh on the heels of the last Dragon Quest Heroes announcement, Square Enix has even more good news for series fans. It has announced plans for successive releases of DLC, which will each feature a new battle and a character focused sub-story. And the best part is, they will all be free.

On March 5th, Square Enix will release the Arena Battle and the Alena and Kiryl Sub-Story. Clearing the battle will unlock Alena's costume from Dragon Quest IV. Beating the sub-story will net alternate costume colors Alena and Kiryl. On March 12th, they will release the Demon Swordsman Battle and the Jessica and Yangus Sub-Story. Clearing the battle unlocks Psaro as a character, while finishing the sub-story gets costumes for Jessica and Yangus.

Future releases will include:

  • Gods of Destruction and Slaughter Battle and Terry Sub-Story
  • Greatest Demon Beast Battle and Bianca and Nera Sub-Story
  • Great Demon Lord Battle and Maya Sub-Story

Dragon Quest Heroes comes out in Japan today on the PlayStation 4. A western release has been announced, but no date set.