Scott Clay
New Xenoblade Chronicles X Factions and Character Info
Getting more info everyday!
01.30.15 - 1:02 AM

The Xenoblade Chronicles X official website and this week's Famitsu released some more information on the game's faction system, battle system, and two new characters of BLADE.

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, you join the private military organization BLADE in order to find life on the plant Mira. After a ship from Earth crash-landed onto the planet's surface, cryocenically-frozen humans are sleeping in escape pods all across Mira and it's your job to save them. On top of this, you'll be using the "Frontier Net" information system to gather other data you might come across as you explore Mira. The Frontier Net uses the Wii U GamePad and, once the data is probed, you'll have access to it from then onward. The GamePad will have details on player's position and quest destination as well. It can also be used to warp to areas you've previously been too.

The BLADE missions across Mira can vary according to which of the eight factions, called "Unions", you join. Later on in the game, you'll be able to switch back and forth between the eight Unions at any time. The eight Unions are Path Finder, Interceptor, Avalanche, Testament, Colepedian, Land Bank, Arms, and Companion.

Path Finder is a union of pioneers in charge of data probes, and expanding the Frontier Net. Interceptor are in charge of exterminating protists. They are essentially guards that protect survey teams, or help rescue New Los Angeles citizens. Avalanche are the opposite of Interceptors and subdue dangerous creatures by attacking first. Testament is in charge of searching and recovering remains of the wreckage of the White Whale spaceship. They are also in charge of recovering things that get lost on the battlefield.

The Colepedian union are similar to Path Finder, but they go ahead of other unions to survey and gather materials. Land Bank take care of maintaining the livelihoods of the people by searching for resources and gathering minerals. Arms simply develop weapons for Dolls and soldiers by helping the Arms Company. And lastly the Companion union are mediators and fix the problems between citizens of New Los Angeles.

Speaking of BLADE, there are two new faces revealed this week. First is Guin, who back on Earth worked as a subordinate of Elma and Irina. He worked as part of the government spec-ops vehicular instructor corps also known as the "Doll Squad". Guin has a history of messing up here and there, but hes an honest character who has a crush on Irina.

The other new character is Nagi, former captain of the White Whale. After the White Whale's crash, Nagi currently serves as the military director of the autonomous government of New Los Angeles. He works himself to the bone in order to protect those living on Mira.

During Tetsya Takahashi's interview in Famitsu, Takahasi wanted to express the comparison between Xenoblade Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles. Takahasi reiterated that the two games are from the same lineage, but the next entry is not a squeal. This is the reason for the "X" in the title instead of a 2. The meaning behind the "X" (cross) is to connect players from "across" the world. Xenoblade Chronicles X is meant to be a loosely connected online game, rather than a regular online game. How this works is still unclear, but while its predecessor was meant to be a traditional RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles X is designed to be a more open-world RPG where passive online features could prove to be very useful.

In further comparison between the two games, Xenoblade Chronicles X's battle system will have its basic foundation taken from Xenoblade Chronicles. It will have an increased sense of speed and feel more action oriented. Characters can use short or long-range attacks, and there is no healer roles in the game. The healing is done though a new system called "Soul Voice". Parties will consist of four members. The player will control his or her character, while the other three are controlled by the AI.

Speaking of the player's character, it will have a lot of different customization options. The base designs for the avatars will be done by Kunihiko Tanaka but you can change the gender, face-type, skin color, hairstyle, eyes, makeup, and even the voice. Each voice option will be provided by a famous voice actor to be revealed later.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is shaping up to be a large game. The number of unique monsters to kill and equipment that you can acquire has been greatly increased. Takahasi has play-tested almost 300 hours during a final check. As updates are released make sure to check back with RPGFan for more coverage. Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in Japan on the Wii U on April 29th, and later this year in western markets.