Andrew Barker
The Enchanted Cave 2 Coming to Steam and Mobile in March
With more RPG elements than its predecessor!
01.23.15 - 3:39 PM

The premium (ie paid) version of indie dungeon-crawling RPG/rogue-lite The Enchanted Cave 2 will be arriving on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS this March. The title challenges you to descend 100 floors of a randomly-generated dungeon filled with dangerous foes and glorious loot. Unlike a traditional roguelike, The Enchanted Cave 2 allows you to escape the dungeon using "Escape Wings" and take any artefacts you found with you to use on your next run. While normal equipment and other loot is lost, artefacts and stat increases are retained so that you are more powerful each attempt.

As of two days ago, a free version of the game was released on Konregate. It is the full game, but the premium version coming in March will include 20 additional floors, new items, NPCs, side-quests, monsters, spells and full-screen. The Steam version will also include workshop support. The Enchanted Cave 2 will set you back $2.99 US on iOS/Android and $9.99 US on Steam (for PC and Mac).