Jeremy Harnage
New Atelier Rorona Combat Overview
The cutest battle system you've ever seen is up and running.
01.19.15 - 5:18 AM

While New Atelier Rorona is, in essence, a re-release of Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, the battle system of the title has a bevy of new features to set it apart. Plus, the new art style is incredibly adorable.

Battles will begin by simply touching an enemy. After doing so, the game's transfers directly to a grid-based battlefield. Similar to many other games in the genre, you can also pre-emptively strike an enemy on the battlefield by pressing Y.

While in battle mode, the game functions similar to most tactics based RPGs. You can gauge movement with helpfully highlighted panels, view the turn order (on the right), and also provide assistance to Rorona via additional party members. Whenever you choose to assist Rorona, the Assist Meter will increase, which can then be used to add even more attacks.

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Alchemists in New Atelier Rorona will also have access to "Item" selection. The abilities granted from these abilities can range from healing to AoE attacks. Here we see what appears to be the most adorable stick of dynamite ever. Awwwwww.

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The game itself also features an auto-battle function, which comes with a nifty feature that allows the player to still choose which monster is taken down first without having to choose specifically how.

Some specific characters will also have the option to expend MP and employ powerful spells and skills. Similar to the "Item" selection option, these skills vary, and can provide helpful control of the field by binding or sleeping monsters, as well as healing and generally powerful attacks.

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Lastly, once they are high enough level, each character will learn a special attack. Personally I've never though of dual-wielding meat on a stick as a special attack, but I may now.

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New Atelier Rorona is set to release in Japan on March 26th for the Nintendo 3DS. Be sure to check out our gallery below for more chibi overload, as well as a look at the in-game command menu. We'll keep you updated on more news as it becomes available!