Mike Salbato
A Look at Etrian Mystery Dungeon's Landsknecht
Oh yeah, and the game has a release date too.
01.15.15 - 9:42 PM

Atlus describes the swordsman Landsknecht as the "meat and potatoes" of the Etrian series, so tonight we have a look at this delicious and nutritious class as it appears in the upcoming Etrian Mystery Dungeon:

Update: And for funsies, here's another bonus video that highlights Etrian Mystery Dungeon in general:

We also have a modest gallery update, but the most important thing in today's update is that the 3DS RPG has a release date: April 7th!

First-run and pre-orders of Etrian Mystery Dungeon will include a bonus soundtrack as well. Look for more information, and no doubt, more character videos, as April 7 nears!