Andrew Barker
Kemco's Dead Dragons Now on iOS
Another traditional RPG to play on the go.
01.15.15 - 4:34 PM

Mobile RPG developer Kemco have released Dead Dragons on iOS devices. The traditional turn-based game features a world map and a medieval fantasy setting. It employs a "rotation" battle system where characters can swap positions in battle for tactical advantages.

According to Kemco, the story is as follows:

"100 years ago, at the end of a long series of battles, the dragons were wiped out, and the world became peaceful. However, Will, a young man, learns that dragons have in fact survived. Maybe because his father was so crazy about dragons, Will only has hostile feelings towards them. However, led by a mysterious young girl called Shikina, who doesn't seem to fear dragons at all, Will finds himself caught up in a journey that may reveal the connections between humans and dragons..."

Check out the trailer below to see the game in action:

While the standard price is $7.99 US, the title is temporarily discounted to $3.99.