Stephen Meyerink
RPGFan Music: Chrono Trigger: Jazz Arrange Version EP Review
Schafijazzski continues!
01.15.15 - 2:30 AM

Incredibly clever portmanteaus of musician and genre names aside, today's RPGFan Music update comes as I burn the midnight oil on our massive Music of the Year features. If you're like arranger/composer Sean Schafianski, you believe there should always be more jazz in the VGM world, and thankfully Sean is doing his part to make that a reality. Hot on the heels of our NieR Jazz review, we've got another: Chrono Trigger: Jazz Arrange Version [EP]. Music editor Davi "The Tesnotron" Tesnovich has been so gracious as to provide us with his snazzy jazzy thoughts on this most smooth of EPs. Would this one make Murakami proud? Check out Davi's review and some samples below to find out.