Jesse Woo
New Media And Details For Bravely Archive
Not your grandmother's librarian.
01.13.15 - 10:54 AM

More details are emerging about the mobile offshoot of the Bravely series, called Bravely Archive: D's Report. As we reported earlier, players assume the role of a freshman librarian at the Anastasis library, Luxendarc's great repository of knowledge, including "memories" that have been sealed away in crystals. In order to brave various dungeons and gather these memories, you must assemble parties of six to combat the challenges therein.

Dungeons appear to be composed of interconnected panels that house monsters, treasure, and who knows what else. Characters gain experience by completing dungeons, and progressing in levels will unlock additional skills to help explore yet more hazardous locales. Several other characters will aid your exploration, including the siblings Dimitri and Riche Dotnova, pictured below. The Dotnovas are "Brokers," traveling merchants who deal in crystals, so naturally you will encounter them as you explore the dungeons.

In addition to the brokers, the following characters will make an appearance and may or may not be associated with the library:

Daria Milchstrauss

Vivian Olmetto

Chalia Pantanora

Frank Goruge

Finally, there are the future vestals of wind, water, fire, and earth, each bearing the surname Oblige. Pictured below, from left to right they are Edea Lee Oblige, Kyuri Oblige, Iglia Ningva Oblige, and Lilia Rosso Oblige.

Bravely Archive: D's Report comes out this month in Japan for iOS and Android.