Josh Curry
Shadowrun Hong Kong Coming to Kickstarter
Leaving Seattle for the Pearl of the Orient.
01.11.15 - 6:37 AM

Harebrained Schemes, at the end of December, teased that Shadowrun would be returning to Kickstarter in January 2015. Speculation ran amuck in an attempt to guess what the cryptic message could mean and now we have our answer, sort of.

It has been revealed that the setting for the new Shadowrun content will be a futuristic Hong Kong. Unfortunately, that is the extent of the information, we still do not know if the new content will be a sequel or an expansion. Logic stands to reason that Hong Kong will follow the same pattern as Dragonfall; first being released as an expansion campaign and later getting a standalone director's cut.

All will be revealed when the Kickstarter for Shadowrun Hong Kong goes live this month. It will be interesting to see if it can outperform the original Kickstarter total of $1,836,447 when Shadowrun was funded in 2012.

Expect more information on Shadowrun Hong Kong soon.