Robert Steinman
New Baldur's Gate in the Works
And it's using the Infinity Engine.
01.08.15 - 9:10 PM

Developer Beamdog made quite the name for themselves when they released enhanced editions of Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, two of the most beloved computer RPGs ever made. Seems like this was all a warm-up for their grand plan, however, as they just announced they will be making a new game in the franchise using the classic Infinity Engine, the power behind their two previous efforts. The game will be set between the events of the two original games, though any details outside of that are scarce at this time.

Beamdog has more than one project in the oven. According to previous blog posts, three other titles are currently in the works under mysterious titles. Here's hoping we learn more about Adventure Z, Project: Beartrap, and Project: Sharktrap in the near future.