Stephen Meyerink
RPGFan Music: Luxendarc Daikikou / Linked Horizons Reviews
They're the Bravely Default live albums, if you're curious.
01.08.15 - 3:54 AM

If you're like any sane person alive in 2015, you probably think the Bravely Default soundtrack is pretty great. Composer/rockstar Revo is no stranger to putting on a show though, as he's part of rockin' group called Sound Horizon that knows how to melt faces. Today's pair of reviews come courtesy of Junior Assistant Batman/RPGFan Music editor Michael Sollosi, and they're all about Revo's work making Bravely Default rock even harder than it did in-game. Interested? Be sure to check out our reviews and listen to samples of Luxendarc Daikikou / Linked Horizon and its limited edition, which contains exclusive tracks!