Robert Steinman
Series Director Says More Dragon Quest Projects Are in the Works
Say it ain't so!
01.08.15 - 12:08 AM

Here's an interesting fact; I turned 30th this past month and so did Dragon Quest! Series director Yuji Horii recently addressed fans of the venerable series with a letter that seems to hint at things to come.

Happy New Year's to you all. This year is actually the 30th anniversary-eve for the Dragon Quest series.

In February, we’ll have Dragon Quest Heroes, and we'll release Theatrhythm Dragon Quest in March. Other than that, we haven't announced anything else, but we're jostling through a great deal projects as we head towards the 30th anniversary.

As for Dragon Quest X, we'll release Version 3 this spring. I believe that it's a good time for all of you, along with our staff, to look forward to what's coming.

Life is a role playing game.

Thank you for your continued support of the Dragon Quest series!

Yuji Horii (January 2015)

We know Dragon Quest XI is currently in development, but outside of that fact we've got nothing to go on. Hell, we don't even have a platform announcement! I'm still holding out hope that we'll see the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII in America, but it's getting harder and harder to keep that candle burning. It'll certainly be interesting to see what awaits fans as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Dragon Quest.