Andrew Barker
The Character World Returns in Disgaea 5
And completely overhauled.
01.06.15 - 9:26 PM

Disgaea 5 is due out on March 26th in Japan on PlayStation 4, and new details continue to roll out about its characters and mechanics. Today, Nippon Ichi Software have explained a new (well, sort of) mechanic for the turn-based strategy series: the Character World.

If you've extensively played Disgaea 4 on either PlayStation 3 or Vita, you might be familiar with the Character World, or "Chara World." After reincarnating a character with a high enough level, it was possible to generate a world from them where you could boost their stats or learn new Evilities. Though the ultimate results are the same, the new Character World in Disgaea 5 functions vastly differently from its predecessor.

This time around, the Character World is a board game. Well, it resembles a board game, anyway. Each world is set up like a board with spaces, and you can move around by spinning a slot reel. There are special events that can occur, and various items can be used to warp characters around the board. Combat against foes works with the slots too, quite unlike traditional Disgaea gameplay.

We have a couple of dozen new screenshots to share too, including grabs from the game's animated opening movie. You can view them all by clicking on any of the images above, or by following this link. Disgaea 5 will also be released in the west during fall this year.