Jesse Woo
New Details On Dragon Quest Heroes
Kamekameha! Wait, wrong Akira Toriyama universe.
01.03.15 - 1:28 AM

New screenshots for Dragon Quest Heroes reveal several aspects of the world and mechanics. The first series of pictures show four different cities in very distinct environments. Cortruda is a mountainous fortress that houses academic facilities such as the Magical Research Laboratory. Elsarse Castle is where the story begins and is a peaceful town that surrounds the giant World Tree. Labator is a desert city with an arena in the center of town. Finally, Shira is a woodland city said to house elves, although they are a rare sight.

Other screens detail the Monster Coin and Magic Cannon mechanics, as well as the two main characters. Defeated monsters occasionally drop Monster Coins that allow players to temporarily summon the monster to their aid in battle. If summoning monsters doesn't do the trick, some areas will allow the use of a Magic Cannon that shoots powerful blasts against large numbers of enemies. It is also effective against singular, powerful foes like the Gigantes beasts.

The two main characters are a young man and woman named Akuto and Mehr, respectively. The two use similar armor and special moves, but Akuto has access to fire-based attacks while Mehr uses ice. Each character will learn their own unique moves based on their element. On the subject of special moves, players in Dragon Quest Heroes will use two different kinds that function very differently. The first type requires specific button inputs for the different skills, and there is an option for less skilled players to simplify the process if necessary. The second type consumes MP and tend to be the strongest available to the character. However MP regenerates over time, so players should not feel too constrained in their use.

Dragon Quest Heroes comes out in Japan on Feb. 24, 2015. It will be released on the PS3 and PS4.