Josh Curry
Mistwalker Shows Concept Trailer for Cancelled Xbox RPG Cry On
Oh, what could have been...
12.28.14 - 4:50 PM

Rewind back to February 2005 when Mistwalker Studios announced they were working on two console exclusive RPGs for the Xbox 360. At the time, this was Microsoft's big attempt at infiltrating the Japanese market. By partnering with Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy, they hoped to "create games that provide gamers with a new kind of thrill." Over the next two years Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were released to varying degrees of success on the 360.

Everyone expected more from Mistwalker after the critical acclaim of Lost Odyssey, but they went on to only develop DS and mobile games. During this transition there was a third 360 game in development before it was cancelled in late 2008. Titled Cry On, the game was cancelled after "taking into consideration the current market environment and its future outlook."

Little was known about Cry On until Mistwalker Founder Sakaguchi recently uploaded the game’s concept trailer to his YouTube channel.

Be sure to watch the video and see the concept of what could have been a very interesting game.