Mike Salbato
It's a Heavensward Holiday Miracle! (Or at Least New Media)
Including our first look at the bonus items from the Collector's Edition.
12.25.14 - 1:50 PM

It may be Christmas here at my house, but my Final Fantasy XIV addiction compels me to bring you a media update instead of doing something silly like spending time with my family.

Following the weekend reveals of new classes and more at Tokyo Fan Festival, Square Enix released some deliciously-high-res artworks and screen shots of all the new hotness coming in the Heavensward expansion.

All of this can be found in our updated gallery, but here's a few teasers:

Dark Knight
Dark Knight

The Au Ra
Au Ra



A dragon mount, fittingly tamed by a Dragoon
Dragon Mount

The new raid, the Mechanical Fortress Alexander

We also got out first look at the in-game bonus items that will be part of the Heavensward Collector's Edition. Seen here are the griffin mount, Wind-up Kain minion, and the incredible accurate to the source "Baron's Helm," modeled after Cecil's (FFIV) Dark Knight helmet.

Griffin Mount

Wind-up Kain

Baron Helm

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is said to be large enough to complete, content-wise, with A Realm Reborn's original launch last August. As much as we know about it, there's so much we don't know, such as how many areas are included, or the dungeons. We'll certainly learn more as we get closer to its spring release, and you know we'll keep you updated!