David Brown
New Final Fantasy XV Footage Brings Us Closer to Cindy and a New City
And Cid is female? Maybe?
12.22.14 - 5:37 PM

Square Enix unleashed a new trailer, as well as a whole lot of new information for Final Fantasy XV at the Jump Festa 2015 in Japan this past weekend. They also revealed new videos that were left out of the official trailer, including a look at new character Cindy.

Cid is a name that Final Fantasy fans will know well, as a character named Cid has appeared in every installment. This, however, is the first time Cid possibly comes to us as a female. Her name has been listed as both "Cidney" and "Cindy." Square Enix has explained the video is when Noctis and the gang meet Cindy for the first time, and that voices are muted in order not to give too much away. As explained earlier (and like almost every other Cid from every other game), Cindy won't have a massive effect on the overall story, but will explain some early gameplay. It has also been confirmed that she will be in Episode Duscae demo.

The second video they released shows a little more of the town, Lestarg.

The video follows the driving footage from the trailer and shows the party getting out the car to do a little walking. It quickly jumps to the perspective of a nearby dog in what has been called the "Dog Cam." The use "Dog Cam" mode to explore and give us an idea of how big the town is. As the dog, you explore a market where you can buy ingredients for meals which can be used for buffs. Pay attention when the dog starts to pee, as the background of the dog's bathroom has been confirmed to play a big part in the plot.

According to director Hajime Tabata, if enough people like "Dog Cam," he'll show a little more in future footage.

Final Fantasy XV has no official release date and is in currently in development of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.