Mike Salbato
Watch These Criminal Girls Get Motivated in New Video
New video highlights exactly how you'll be "motivating" the girls.
12.20.14 - 8:28 PM

With less than 2 months before release, NIS America has released a new video for Criminal Girls: Invite Only. If you haven't been following it, this PS Vita version is a remake of the PSP original, released only in Japan in 2010. Criminal Girls: Invite Only is the first in the series to see an English localization. The title tasks players with guiding 7 girls, currently serving time in an all-women prison in hell, through a redemption program to save their souls. It sounds like a heavy proposition, and the game's battle system offers an interesting quirk: Given that these girls are in prison (in hell), they aren't exactly known for wanting to follow orders. Because of that, sometimes they choose to be rebellious and ignore your commands. At that point, the girls need to be "motivated," which involves exactly what your filthy mind thinks it does. Check it out:

Hm, I wonder why this game is going to carry an M rating? Look for Criminal Girls: Invite Only exclusively on PS Vita (in both physical and digital forms) in North America on February 3, 2015, and Europe on February 6, 2015!