Josh Curry
Shadowrun Returns to Kickstarter in January
Shadowrun Returns to... well, return.
12.20.14 - 7:52 PM

Harebrained Schemes, the developer of the cyberpunk Shadowrun Returns, teased on their Kickstarter page that new content is incoming. With the few words of, "Shadowrun Returns to Kickstarter January 2015," Harebrained Schemes has ignited speculation on what form this new content will be. A sequel or expansion seems likely.

Shadowrun Returns was a massive success in 2012, earning $1.8 million during its Kickstarter campaign. If this expansion/sequel is to be funded on Kickstarter it stands to reason it too has a good chance of being funded.

In our review of Shadowrun Returns we noted the potential of the series to be of Editor's Choice quality. More recently, Harebrained released the Dragonfall expansion and, hopefully, whatever is announced in January will continue with the level of quality seen in the expansion.