Scott Clay
New Disgaea 5 Details on Villains, Classes and Squad Mechanics
There is a lot of information in here.
12.19.14 - 5:55 PM

Today, NIS finally released a ton of new information for Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. We have a plethora of new information ranging from new videos, screenshots, character profiles, classes, and even new gameplay systems.

Starting with the character profiles we have the main antagonist of the game Void Dark (voiced by Shouma Yamamoto). Using his army, "The Lost", Void Dark is hell bent on taking over all of the Netherworlds for his own personal gain. A being of pure malice, he sees his own minions as nothing but tools in order to accomplish this goal. If his minions have out lived their usefulness, he will throw them away and find someone else. You can see him in action in the trailer below:

Next up is the necromancer Majorita (voiced by Megumi Han), a general of the The Lost army. Majorita loves to have all the underlings she can possibly have, and is not against killing anyone and reviving them to add to her army of loyal subjects. She does all of this in hopes of establishing a utopia for demons, believing Void Dark is a means to that end.

And lastly we have Bloodis (voiced by Masami Iwasaki), the right hand man of Void Dark. Bloodis is a man of such incredible strength that it's thought that he may be the next to inherit Void Dark's position sometime in the future. He comes off as a strong silent type, however, when faced with a worthy opponent he starts to feel an uncontrollable excitement.

There are two new gameplay systems in store for Disgaea 5. The first big new one is the "Squad System". The Squad System allows players to assign characters to squads as leaders and subordinates, which will grant squad members various perks. For example, the "Rookie Squad" allows the subordinates in the squad to gain an experience boost based on how much the leader has acquired during combat. A "Foot Solider Squad" allows members a stat boost depending on how many members are part of the squad. You can even get a bit wacky with the system with one such as the "Flat Squad", where female characters who are less endowed then others will get a stat boost.

The Squad System has another element to it as well. Squads can level up by taking prisoners during battle. Prisoners are captured in battle with the right skills, or sometimes as rewards after battle. Captured enemies can serve as a squad's backup bolstering their ranks, however, a captured enemy will not play nice at first. You must persuade them before you can truly get the most out of them. As the squad levels up they get their own benefits as well including split experience points, expanded rosters, and improved perks.

In battle the squads can also pull off "Squad Skills", which are moves where everyone in the squad will attack an enemy squad simultaneously. These Squad Skills allow you to damage an enemy squad in one feel swoop instead of having to attack individually. Squad skills power up both with the individual squad members strength, and with the number of captured enemies the squad contains.

The second new gameplay system to Disgaea 5 is the Double Magicchange system. The Double Magicchange system allows a character to perform a Magicchange twice on monsters to forge huge weapons. These large weapons not only do a large amount of damage, but depending on the base monsters used the aesthetics will change and the Magicchange skills will also become more powerful.

There are 5 new classes announced as well. First off is the Pirate class (below, left) who wield guns, and specialize in long distance attacks. They gain a 15% damage bonus for every space between them and their target.

Next is the Nine Tails (above, right), a fox like spirit that gets stat boosts depending on how they fare with their own special Bonus Gauge. They get 5% per bonus stock.

Phantoms (below, left) on the other hand, specialize in debuffing enemy stats by 5% with their "Evil Eye" ability.

Teensy Devils (above, right) are a gang of pranksters that enjoy picking on those who are weaker than them, gaining a 30% damage boost against such foes. And rounding out the new classes we also have Wicked Bears, a masochistic class that takes hits from enemies and gets a 5% increase to their own offense per hit taken.

Lastly, some new videos from NIS including a follow up to the Alliance Attacks video from 2 weeks ago and special moves from both Christo and Zeroken.

Alliance Attacks 2

Christo's Special Move

Zeroken's Special Move

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance will be released for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on March 26th and in the west in fall of 2015.