Robert Steinman
New Info on the Thief and Alchemist Classes in Final Fantasy Explorers
I'm guessing the thief will steal stuff. Just a hunch.
12.17.14 - 2:26 PM

I really hope Square Enix brings Final Fantasy Explorers to the west, but for now it looks like some new videos will have to satiate me. This time, we're taking a more in-depth look at the Thief and Alchemist job classes.

The Thief gets to steal things, of course, but they're also focused on evasion and mobility in battle. They are consummate damage dealers, and the Connoisseur buff allows them to steal rare materials for the party.

The Alchemist's ability to use items more effectively than other classes makes them a nice compliment to the Thief, and the Alchemy ability allows them to use items without losing them from your inventory. Alchemists also get to use guns, and guns are cool.

Final Fantasy Explorers is out December 18th in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. Fingers crossed on a US release!