Josh Curry
Cosmic Star Heroine Impresses with New Gameplay Footage
Even in its early stages there is plenty to be excited about.
12.16.14 - 4:39 PM

After a successful Kickstarter, Zeboyd Games has been busy working on Cosmic Star Heroine, a "sci-fi/spy RPG".

Zeboyd brags they are taking inspiration from Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star IV, and the Lunar series, elements of which are definitely apparent in the gameplay footage.

One of the most interesting aspects that Zeboyd is integrating into their battle system is the concept of no-MP, utilizing a recharge system to encourage players to use a variety of abilities and not just spam the same ability repeatedly.

You can watch some of the gameplay in action below, but keep in mind the game is still early in development and the footage is of a Alpha build; there are elements of the game that still have not been added, specifically the sound effects for the battles.

Cosmic Star Heroine is in development for PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PC, Mac and Linux.