Scott Clay
Two New SaGa Games Announced
Beautiful 2D sprites are sure to be inbound.
12.16.14 - 6:46 AM

In honor of the SaGa series' 25th anniversary, Square Enix held a NicoNico livestream event where two new games in the series were announced. The first game announced was SaGa 2015 for the PlayStation Vita. Series creator, Akitoshi Kawazu, couldn't reveal much information and only teased two images drawn by series illustrator, Tomomi Kobayashi. A few music samples worked on by Kenji Ito were played from the game as well.

The second game announced was Imperial SaGa for the PC. Imperial SaGa will have a brand new story, but be set in the world of past SaGa games. Information from the game's official website indicates that Imperial SaGa will be a single player RPG, and is teased with the tagline: "Demigod Adele, will he/she choose light or darkness?"

Both Saga 2015 and Imperial SaGa are slated for release in Japan sometime in 2015.