Jesse Woo
Guild Wars 2 Season 2 Kicks Off Again in January
Specifically, on the 13th!
12.12.14 - 1:33 AM

After ending on a cliffhanger, Season 2 of Guild Wars 2 will return on January 13th, 2015. In the meantime, players can entertain themselves with several holiday events. December 16th will mark the annual holiday festival hosted by Queen Jennah. From the same date, the game's first ever test ladder season for PvP will begin, where players can compete for prestige and prizes. The season will run through January 13th.

During that same time period, World v. World players may participate in WvW Sneak Attack. The Guild Wars 2 website calls upon players to:

"[j]oin us as we turn the rules of WvW upside down for four weeks. Every player you kill in WvW will gain your world a point. Earn an extra point by using a finisher while your world has Borderlands Bloodlust. Objectives under attack will not display their customary white sword, and the Mist War Summons buff will give you an extra +15% WXP gain, +50% Magic Find in WvW, and +15% experience on kills in WvW. If all goes well, this will be just the first of many special events in WvW."

Check out the full description of events on the Guild Wars 2 official website.