Stephen Meyerink
RPGFan Music: Dungeonmans OST Also Available!
And we've got an exclusive remix for you to jam out with!
12.10.14 - 12:19 AM

You! Yes, you there! You look like just the person who enjoys both fabulous music and extra-fabulous remixes of fabulous music. When we previewed Dungeonmans last year, one of the things I liked most about it was the stylish music, both original and yet undoubtedly channeling the PlayStation classics I first slaked my immortal thirst for game music on. As it happens, I was both familiar with and a fan of its composer, Andrew "zircon" Aversa (whom we had a chance to interview along with several other folks at OC ReMix a while back)! His work on Dungeonmans aims to channel the spirit of those old-school Hitoshi Sakimoto classics Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII. Not sure you're on board? You can listen for yourself, since the album is totally available now for purchase via OverClocked Records!

If you're like me and already a fan of the music (even before I started reviewing the game last week), you might also enjoy the below remix, which we're very fortunate to have a chance to share with you! Go forth, and listen to great music!