Marcos Gaspar
RPGFan Music: Game Music Bundle 8 Now Bundling!
If you're in need of something to listen to...
12.06.14 - 10:39 PM

Game Music Bundle is back with its 8th installment--just in time for the Christmas season! This time around, you get 5 delicious soundtracks for only a buck (that's 168 tracks of music!). Want to know what's even more sweeter? If you spend $10 on Game Music Bundle 8, you get an additional 14 soundtracks (19 total)! check out the lists below to see what you're getting

Spending $1
The Sailorís Dream Original Soundtrack (Jonathan Eng)
Zombies/Corporate Lifestyle Simulator OST (bignic)
Gods Will Be Watching Original Soundtrack (fingerspit)
Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake (Disasterpeace)
Super Time Force Original Soundtrack (6955)

Spending $10
Gods Will Be Watching Alternative Soundtrack (fingerspit)
Freedom Planet Official Soundtrack (Woofle, Strife, BlueWarrior)
Immerse (Lifeformed)
Lovely Planet Original Soundtrack (Calum Bowen)
The Novelist: Official Soundtrack (Kent Hudson)
FTL: Advanced Edition Soundtrack (Ben Prunty)
Halfway Original Soundtrack (Gavin Harrison)
Wanderlust Adventures (Chris Christodoulou)
Spell Team Death Match OST (bignic)
Monarch: Heroes of a New Age Original Soundtrack (Nauts)
Majestic Nights Volume One: All Lies on you Original Soundtrack (Das Fokks)
Izakaya Omen ~MINI~ (Maxo)
Dreamfall Chapters Reborn - Original Soundtrack (Simon Poole)
Hack 'n' Slash: Original Soundtrack (Paul O'Rourke)

That's a lot soundtracks for just $10! If you have some extra dough, I would suggest going for the full package! No need to rush into this either; Game Music Bundle 8 ends a few days shy of 2 weeks. Save up your pennies 'till then and go for it!