Jesse Woo
Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Talks Mech Design And World Building
Never have I wanted so badly to play with dolls.
12.05.14 - 3:26 AM

Tetsuya Takahashi, Xenoblade Chronicles X director and frequent twitterer, has again taken to the microblogging service to announce game details and design concepts. This time he tweeted about game's mechs, called "Dolls", and how they factored into the design of the world, and vice versa.

"The Dolls' height is about five times that of an adult, making them around 9-10 meters high. This was calculated as the best [human-to-robot] ratio when taking fights or field exploration with both Dolls and humans present into consideration."

"If the Dolls were bigger than that, the map would also need to be bigger, so we decided upon this size not due to budget constraints, but because it would lead to much slower exploration in human form."

Takahashi also pronounced his satisfaction with the game, tweeting "15 years have passed since Monolith was founded, and I believe that with this game I have finally met the challenge I had within me, of creating an RPG in which humans and robots can co-exist."

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out in Japan spring of 2015. No international release date has been announced.