Stephen Meyerink
RPGFan Music: Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo Now Available Digitally
It's fantastic, go buy it and listen to it.
12.01.14 - 10:13 AM

Back in 2012, I reviewed an excellent live concert album called Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo. A sort of re-worked and re-arranged follow-up to the original Symphonic Fantasies album, SF Tokyo included suites that covered Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Secret of Mana, and the Chrono series. The arrangers, Jonne Valtonen and Roger Wanamo, did a stellar job of weaving beloved themes from each game into each piece, and the disc overall made me think that bigger and brighter days were in store for game music appreciation (hah, called it!). I wasn't the only one who thought that, either-- Nobuo Uematsu himself also said, "for me, Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo is one of the productions that has advanced and refined game music as a genre."

The producers of the album, Spielemusikkonzerte (appropriately, German for video game music concerts), recently announced that it has partnered with X5 Music Group to make the album available digitally for the first timee ever. This is the first Symphonic release to see a digital version, and given the need to import the disc from Germany in the past, this means that it's now easier and cheaper than ever to nab a copy of this great music.

Interested in checking it out? Starting today, you can pick the album up on iTunes for 9.99 USD or on Amazon for 5.94 USD. If you're on the fence and want to hear some samples, you can also check out my original review of the disc version from 2012. Links to all of that good stuff can be found below!