Jeremy Harnage
More Info on the New Antagonists for Shining Resonance
Why do the bad guys have to look so cool?!
09.30.14 - 11:49 PM

Sega has released additional information regarding their recently announced antagonists for Shining Resonance.  They also provided details regarding the Tuning and Skill systems that players will use throughout the title to help power up their Armonic weapons.

First up is Zest Graham, who is voiced by Soichiro Hoshi.  One of the empire's strongest soldiers, Zest loves to battle, and especially loves to take on those stronger than himself.  He doesn't seem to care if someone is friend of foe, and only seems interested an opponent is powerful enough to grab his interest.  Known for being independent, Zest rarely does what his superiors would wish of him, and those in power have trouble keeping him in line.  While Zest is already abnormally strong, he can shoot at a seal placed above his heart to unleash even more power.  

Following Zest is Beatrice Irma, who is voiced by Houko Kawashima.  Beatrice is the leading member of the Beowulf team in charge of assassination, intelligence gathering, and general spy related activites.  A highly skilled shinobi, she is dangerous and known for killing many with ease.  Although growing up with Kirika and Rinna, Beatrice was cast out for being a dark elf, which makes their relationship that much more complicated.  

Finally, Sega detailed two of the new systems; Tuning and Armonic Skills.  

Tuning allows Dragoners to empower their Armonics, which are their primary weapons.  Customization options allows players to choose which stat to bolster, with options ranging from simple strike damage to elemental attributes.  Because each option will come with it's own stat, it's up to players to choose whether or not they'll be stick to one stat or attempt to excel at multiples.  Tuning options themselves will be available via Fernando, a troubador in the game.

Armonic Skills themselves function as a sort of sub-level of customization for Tunings.  Once Skill Pieces are assigned to Tunings, skill slots will become available allowing players to attach specific boosts, such as HP percentage increases and status ailment protections.  

Shining Resonance releases in Japan on December 11th for the PlayStation 3.  Be sure to check out our gallery below for more images of the above antagonists as well as in-game shots of the Tuning and Armonic Skills in action!