Jeremy Harnage
Ciel noSurge Gallery Bonanza
Gust digs deep in their repertoire to re-release Ciel noSurge for the Vita
09.30.14 - 11:15 PM

While many fans may be familiar with Ar noSurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, many have yet to experience Ciel noSurge, the precursor to Gust's PlayStation 3 RPG.

Originally released only in Japan, Ciel noSurge first debuted with a single episode, then continually grew via downloadable content packs. However, with this re-release, Gust is planning to include all of the previous DLC and new costumes as well. The game will also feature a new ability that lets you speed up time.

Check out our gallery, linked below, for some images of this upcoming title! Currently the PlayStation Vita title has not been announced for western audiences, but will debut in Japan on October 2nd. We'll keep you updated as more information surfaces!