Stephen Meyerink
Square Enix Considering Kingdom Hearts 3DS HD Remaster
And talk about KHIII!
09.27.14 - 12:38 PM

An interview with Kingdom Hearts series creator Tetsuya Nomura in this week's Famitsu has revealed that Square Enix is considering an HD release of the 3DS' 2012 title Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. With the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMix, the series' lone 3DS entry becomes the only to have not received an updated high-definition console version in some form. While Square Enix hasn't committed to anything yet, given the looming shadow of Kingdom Hearts III and the fact that Dream Drop Distance serves as the chronological sequel to Kingdom Hearts II, getting the game into the hands of new players before the third entry seems like something the company would be well-served by doing.

Nomura also commented on the progress of Kingdom Hearts III, stating that while progress on the game is going well, issues with the engine had been causing problems design-wise. Otherwise, character designs, scenario writing, and choosing worlds (a key element of the series to be sure) were progressing smoothly. On the world choice front, Nomura did note that while co-director Tai Yasue had recently mentioned that he'd love to see a world based on Disney's Frozen, its inclusion was not yet locked in. Finally, Nomura added that aside from Kingdom Hearts III, several other projects in the series were underway and under wraps by the developer.

We (meaning I, fanatic that I am) will keep you posted on future developments as they emerge. Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMix launches next week in Japan, and on December 2 and 5 in the United States and Europe respectively. Check back with us around the latter time, as we'll have a full review ready to go!