Robert Steinman
Former Square Enix Developers Bring The Legend of Legacy to Life
And it looks kinda like Bravely Default!
09.26.14 - 5:00 PM

A number of former Square Enix staff have joined with developer FuRyu to bring a new Nintendo 3DS RPG to Japan. Dubbed The Legend of Legacy, players will select one of seven playable characters to act as the game's protagonist and then make a three-person party out of the remaining cast.

More exciting, however, is the insistence from the developers that this will be a very open-ended game. Players are given a specific goal at the beginning of the game and then allowed to progress in any manner that they wish. Director Kyoji Koizumi says that he wants players to explore and adventure without the need for quest markers and guidance.

Below we've listed some translated information, pulled from their website here, detailing the world and characters that players can look forward to:

Introduction: Many people have challenged the legend. But then they disappeared. From an eternal slumber, the continent of illusion awakened. "The Avalon." What waits in that abyss? The stairs to paradise? Or the door to hell? This... "legacy"... left behind by the gods of old weaves a story of unknown "truth."

The Avalon: 10 years ago, in the northern seas, a mysterious island suddenly emerged. According to legend, that place was once known as "Avalon," and was large enough to be called a continent. It was said be a thriving places where gods once lived. In the last 10 years, many adventurers and researchers have embarked to search and investigate the island, but due to Avalon's unique terrain and the monsters that reside there, their paths have been hindered and current research hasn't made much progress.

The Spirit and Legacy: According to investigations made by the party sent ahead, it appears that "ghostly" figures can be seen on Avalon. However, they cannot be seen by the average human eye... so why are they visible on the island? There are several theories, but the one most consider to be true is due to power of the "legacy" left by the gods that sleeps in that land. Throughout Avalon there are many tools and structures that do not seem to be made by man. It is believed that the ghostly figures are visible due to the power of these forgotten "legacies."

The Star Graal: One of Avalon's legends is known as, "The Star Graal." One of the legacies left behind byu the gods from Avalon, The Star Graal is said to bring immortality to its owner, and the rumors about it being a secret formula for perpetual youth and great wealth stir many adventurers. However, it remains a thing of legend, even though not a single person has confirmed its existence.

Seven characters are listed as being playable at this time. We've listed brief descriptions from the website for each character below as well:

Eloise: 24 years old. Female. In addition to being a doctor, Eloise is also an alchemist researching immortality. While immediately coming off as nothing but sexy, Eloise can be serious at her core. She is also known to be very scary when provoked.

Liber: 18 years old. Male. An energetic, straightforward, and optimistic treasure hunter in search of weatlh, Liber has a strong sense of justice and despises crooked things. He also loves women.

Bianca: Unknown age and female. When she woke up, all of her memories, with the exception of her name, were gone. Her gentle personality and kind nature bely her inner strength. She is in search of her memories.

Meurs: 27 years old. Male. Meurs is a descendent of the "Spirit Messengers" clan. This clan was previously know as having the ability to communicate with spirits.

Garnet: 20 years old. Female. A knight of the Emilia Church Knights, Garnet is earnest, stubborn, and inflexible in her attitude as well as her allegiance to the knights.

Owen: 36 years old. Male. Calling himself a baron, no one knows where Owen comes from. Greedy and arrogant, Owen is a bounty hunter who will do whatever it takes to get his money.

Filmia: Unknown age. Male frog. Once Filmia was the prince of a country of frogs on Avalon. Polite and gentlemanly, Filmia moves at his own paces and often sings when feeling cheerful.

The Legend of Legacy is set to release in Japan on January 22nd for the Nintendo 3DS. Be sure to check back with us as information continues to come out and take a gander at our gallery for some pretty spiffy screenshots.