Robert Steinman
New Classes and Familiar Faces Join Final Fantasy Explorers!
Now, what exactly does a Geomancer do?
09.26.14 - 3:15 PM

Square Enix pleasantly surprised me when it first announced Final Fantasy Explorers, and the game continues to look very impressive as new information is released.  Adding to the already exciting roster of characters classes is the Geomancer, Dark Knight, Beastmaster and Dragoon.  Each class has specific strengths and weaknesses given their Final Fantasy heritage.  For example, the Geomancer has an ability called "Rune Strike" which increases their magic power with each hit, while the Dark Knight favors slow, powerful attacks with a wide range.  

"Legends Characters" play a big part in Final Fantasy Explorers, too.  Several Final Fantasy series alums will be joining the fray, with Terra from Final Fantasy VI, Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, and Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII recently announced.  Players can transform into a Legend character after certain conditions have been met and will have access to their specific moveset.  

Final Fantasy Explorers is set to release on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on December 18th.  Let's all hope we hear about a US localization in the near future! In the meantime, make sure to check out our updated gallery for a slew of new screenshots and artwork!