Andrew Barker
Jury System Coming to Next Ace Attorney Game?
Elementary, my dear Ryuunosuke.
09.26.14 - 5:13 AM

Just yesterday, we reported on Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson's appearances in the newest entry in the Ace Attorney series, set in Japan's Meiji Era. Today, Capcom have shared a, well, sort of new trailer. Until about 2 minutes in, it's actually the same one that was shown at the Tokyo Game Show last week. But after 2 minutes? Well, there's some new content!

Most notably, it seems the game will use a jury system, where members of the community will vote on the trial's outcome (rather than the judge seen in previous Ace Attorney games). We don't have any details on how the system might work.

The Great Ace Attorney will be released sometime next year on Nintendo 3DS in Japan.