John Tucker
Legend of Grimrock II Release Date, Details
Yep, this game is still coming out!
09.24.14 - 12:29 AM

About 18 months ago, we learned of the existence of Legend of Grimrock II, but its existence is the only thing we knew about it. The first in the series was quite successful, although our own Bob Richardson had both good and not so good things to say about that game in his review.

This week, we learned a number of new things about the upcoming sequel from developer Almost Human, including the fact that it will be released on October 15th, and that those who pre-order will receive a 15% discount.

Legend of Grimrock II is a first-person action RPG, but not quite in the style of Skyrim. Instead, it's party-based, and the action takes place on a grid. Like the first Legend of Grimrock, the developers describe the sequel as a dungeon crawler. This time, however, the action takes place on a mysterious island with forests and swamps, among other locations.

This new game is to feature improved combat, including upgrades to both the enemy AI and to the spellcasting, among other things. The developers say that they've even tailored the AI to the enemy type, so monsters who should be smart will act smart, and those who should be the type to blindly charge into danger will be.

The main campaign should take 20 hours to complete, but the game will also include a Dungeon Editor that will allow players to create new, shareable content.

Legend of Grimrock II can be preordered for PC, Mac, or Linux directly from Almost Human for $20.39 (the normal price will be $23.99). If you don't own the first game in the series, you can get them both as a bundle for $25.49, or $29.99 after the release date.