Robert Steinman
Final Fantasy Alums Bring Zodiac to Life
A persistent RPG?
09.23.14 - 11:11 PM

Long-time Final Fantasy scenario writer Kazushige Nojima and composer Hitoshi Sakimoto are helping to bring a new 2D RPG to Vita and iOS with Zodiac. Set in a world once ruled by powerful gods, players search the land in order to fulfill a prophecy and harness the power of the 12 Zodiac Signs in what is being called a "persistent" RPG.

Featuring turn based combat and character classes based around the 12 Zodiac Signs (Final Fantasy Tactics, anyone?), players will also take part in a "new online multiplayer experience." Details are a bit hazy at this time, and the developers haven't yet decided if Zodiac will be free to play. The game is scheduled to release some time in 2015.