John McCarroll
TGS 2014: Bravely Default Producer Happy With US Sales, Hopes To Localize Bravely Second
In a short conversation at TGS, Producer states his hopes for localization.
09.18.14 - 8:12 AM

During my demonstration of the upcoming Bravely Second at this year's Tokyo Game Show, I had the opportunity to speak with Tomoya Asano, producer of Bravely Default and the Business Division VI of Square Enix.

Via a translator, Mr. Asano mentioned that he was happy with how well Bravely Default did in North America. On top of that, he also said that there were not a great deal of these types of games (Japanese-Style RPGs), and that he would love to see as many of these types of games brought to US shores, Bravely Second included.

While Square Enix USA has not announced any such localization at this point, the success of the first title combined with the internal support from the Japanese teams gives me hope.

Keep your eyes on RPGFan in the coming days for our show-floor impressions of Bravely Second and other Square Enix titles from TGS.