Stephen Meyerink
Torment: Tides of Numenera First Footage Revealed
Why would you ever offer yourself to something called "The Maw?"
09.17.14 - 7:09 PM

Lo, fans of reading, classic RPGs, and gaping wall sphincters: you have one more thing to get excited about. InXile Entertainment's (developer of the imminent Wasteland 2) Kickstarted spiritual progeny to Planescape: Torment today saw its first in-game footage revealed by the developer. Contained within the video's surreal, multi-colored landscapes are many of the things fans of classic turn-based PC RPGs lament the loss of in the modern RPG: loads of descriptive text, many non-binary dialogue choices, and of course, purple, soul-stealing wall sphincters. Be sure to give the footage a once-over, and then hop on over to the game's official site for more details.