Andrew Barker
Tales of Zestiria Japanese Release Date Set
And the final party character is revealed!
09.14.14 - 2:29 AM

Jump magazine have revealed that Tales of Zestiria will launch on PlayStation 3 on January 22nd next year in Japan. Interestingly, alongside this announcement was a final (and somewhat unexpected) party character named Rose. Considering her prime placement in the character art below, her sudden and brief announcement seems odd.

We don't know much about Rose yet, but she will wield a pair of daggers in battle. Most importantly, her Spirit powers will be on the same level as Sorey, meaning she can interact with the Divine as he can. Her personality is "bright and cheery."

We have a couple of recent videos to share with you too. The first is another look at the Kamui Transformation system where Sorey merges with party members, but also shows how you can swap between them.

Sorey's powers will change depending on his partner. With Mikleo he wields a bow, with Edna he can summon earth pillars and fights unarmed, and with Dezel he spins sword like a tornado. We have some new screenshots of these which you can find in our updated gallery.

The second video is a little more relaxed and shows some movement in the field. Take a look:

Last for today is an advertisement from Japanese television for the game. In it, you can see some of the game's animated sequences and hear a segment from the title song.

No international release date has been named yet.