Mike Salbato
Hey, Blackguards 2 is Real, According to This Video
First screen shots, too!
09.12.14 - 1:47 AM

We've talked about Daedalic's Blackguards 2 before, but since its announcement, we only had talk of the game and some concept art. Thankfully, we have a bit more now, thanks to some more artwork, and first screen shots for next year's sequel.

More interestingly is Blackguards 2's Gamescom teaser video. While most companies happily share positive reactions and quotes in their trailers - wouldn't you? - Daedalic does not only that, but highlights a collection of less-than-great quotes from the media. They do this to push the fact that they listened to the criticisms of the first game and plan to address them in the sequel. This kind of openness is why so many of us respect them as a developer, I have to say. Give it a watch:

Look for Blackguards 2 in early 2015.