Mike Salbato
Tabletop Meets Digital in Dicetiny
A look at an upcoming PC game featuring card-based tabletop-style battles.
09.12.14 - 12:52 AM

I'm always a fan of puns, wordplay, and the like, so I'll admit that the word fusion title that is Dicetiny was entertaining enough that I had to give the game a look.

With a soon-to-launch Kickstarter campaign, Seoul, South Korea-based developer Fakedice is betting that there's plenty of people who want to play a tabletop RPG with cards and dice, but either can't or don't want to be physically in the room with other players. (It's probably mostly the former, but hey, you never know.) While we've seen other hybrids of board game/real-world games-turned-digital, Dicetiny is already shaping up nicely for a game still deep in development. It's got a slick, stylized comic book art style, spiffy animations, and... well, here, just watch Dicetiny's Gamescom trailer:

See? We don't have any details on Fakedice's Kickstarter campaign yet, except that they're aiming to launch it later this month. Given the state of the game so far, this little seven-man studio seems to know what they're doing.

The studio also sent along this fact sheet/informational graphic if you want to know a little more (click for giant size):

Check out the Fakedice website for more details, and take a look at our debut gallery for plenty of screen shots, and several lovingly-illustrated card artworks.

Fakedice plans to have Dicetiny up in Steam Early Access this winter.