Mike Salbato
Yes, You Can Now Easily Find Android Coverage on RPGFan
Fulfilling a long-standing request.
09.11.14 - 9:21 PM

When we first started seriously covering mobile titles, it was for Apple's iOS App Store - even before the iPhone's OS was called "iOS." We didn't explicitly rule out Android, but Google's platform didn't have the games early on. Obviously, that's changed over the years, and while we've been offering media, coverage, and reviews for both iOS and Android titles, we didn't exactly make them easy to sort through on the site.

Don't worry, we've heard you - we now have handy labels on our newly-branded Mobile & Tablet Pictures index, as well as our Mobile & Tablet Reviews index. As always, the review index is sortable by column, so clicking on "Platform" will sort the reviews for you, making it easy to find iOS, iOS and Android, and, what the heck, a few Windows Phone titles too.

We - specifically myself - are sorry this took so long to bring to you, but we hope you find it useful!