John Tucker
Sega Announces Online RPG The World End Eclipse
The game will be free-to-play on smartphones, PC, and Vita.
09.11.14 - 9:14 AM

This week, Sega announced the development of a game they're calling a "threatrical online RPG," named The World End Eclipse. It takes place in a world where humans once fought a war with dragons, and although the humans survived, it does not sound fair to say that they triumphed.

In the period when the game is set, the remaining humans are rebuilding civilization literally on the backs of the dragon's remains, but they are beset by attacks from other monsters and from other humans. The World End Eclipse will be a fantasy game, but with some military flair, which seems in keeping with that setting.

It will be released as a free-to-play (with micro-transactions) game on smartphones, PC, and Vita, and will support both cross-platform play and cross-platform saves — a development choice that's likely to make even those who do not care for free-to-play games take a look at this one.

Keep an eye on RPGFan for more news as we approach the release of The World End Eclipse, scheduled for this winter.