John Tucker
Dragon Quest 1 Hits iTunes Today
Using its original name for the first time outside of Japan!
09.10.14 - 11:57 PM

The Dragon Quest series is one with a long and successful history, but until today, the only way to play Dragon Quest 1 outside of Japan was to hunt down a copy of Dragon Warrior on the NES or Game Boy Color. Yes, "Warrior," not "Quest."

But tonight, Dragon Quest 1 will be released on iTunes in the US, following a familiar iOS trend: the "no advance notice release." And for the first time outside of Japan, it will be released under its original name.

Square Enix plans to continue localizing the series for iOS, and according to producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto, a new game should come out "every month, maybe every two months," so we don't have long to wait before the second and third games in the original Dragon Quest trilogy will make their appearances, likely with just as little notice as we had for this one.