Andrew Barker
Your Appearance Will Change with Equipment in Final Fantasy Explorers
And there will be free online multiplayer!
09.09.14 - 4:27 AM

The official Japanese Twitter account for Final Fantasy Explorers has been taking questions from fans about the game. One particular user asked if you'll be able to change your character's appearance regardless of the armour they're equipped with. In other words, are their costumes or other types of accessories that change your appearance without changing your gears or stats?

The answer is no. Your character will change appearance with, and only with, the armour they're wearing. That said, there will be plenty of different items to equip, including iconic weapons from past Final Fantasy heroes. The Twitter account said, "In order to be able to change appearance, we've prepared a wide variety of armor and weapon types for Final Fantasy Explorers, so it would make us happy to see you folks mix and match to your liking."

In response to a different question, it was also confirmed that there would be online multiplayer and it wouldn't have any associated fee.

Final Fantasy Explorers will be released in Japan on December 18th.